1633 Kenzie Madison

1634 Veronica Leal

1635 Eliza Ibarra

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

A Frame Ass Cunt Poser. ITC Favorite 12:55

A full length wall mirror plays a prominent role in this strip tease video giving lots of double views and showing two sides at once. Her exceptional natural boobs get a quite lengthy inspection with a fair amount of flicking and jiggling going on. Also included is a beautiful ass crack reveal with the lingerie getting pulled aside and pulled down. We get a pretty unique underneath view as she squats her ass up and down against the mirror.

The Dangle Angle. 4:01

Veronica moves onto the bed to show off lots of bend over and squatting posing. The bend over pose shows some beautiful hanging boobs action. The way she flicks her hand over the boobs generates some really nice jiggle motion. Throughout all of it either her boobs or her ass are dangling in your face.

Ass Poke of some Deep Shit. 8:30

The attention turns almost exclusively to ass worship now including some close up ass crack perspectives. She has a really fabulous ass hole and she can flex it exceptionally well. In the second half she has a really deep dig up her ass with one finger.

Screw You ya Fuckin' Asshole. ITC Favorite 9:38

Veronica shows off her considerable anal talents with a long screw shaped sex toy. It’s not just a dabble as she manages to bury the toy really deep up her ass. Her positioning is spectacular as she is somehow able to contort so that her ass is thrust up in your face while her head is turned all the way around looking back at you. This clip might have our best ever close up ass hole shots with her incredible anus flexing in your face with outstanding clarity. The scene has a spectacular combination with the most beautiful and entertaining ass hole and outstanding lighting and camera work.

Two Toysin' Times. 12:58

The attention turns now to pussy masturbation with the use of two different toys. She starts with a big black rubber dildo for a good deep fuck. In the second half she changes with a bulbous vibrator for external stimulation. Though there is no penetration with the vibrator it’s still pretty intense with obvious passion and lots of quivering.