153 Rachel Starr

154 Angelina Crow & Cindy Hope

155 Jane F

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Wedge ya Gimme a Hand. 9:37

The two girls take turns undressing each other and exploring their naughty bits. Cindy spends quite some time fondling Angelina's ass first wedging her dress right up her crack with the fabric pattern enhancing her curves and then spreading her naked ass in your face. Cindy then gets on her knees to give Angelina a good look up her ass. There's no licking yet as they just spread each other's cheeks and give you a nice introductory view up their cracks.

Buff Fluff. 7:09

While standing directly over your face the two girls put their asses together standing back to back for some rather unusual footage and action. They do a little bumper butt action with four beautiful soft cheeks all crashing and flapping against each other. There's a few great camera angles including the underside view and the directly over top view showing the sleek curves of the back flowing into two bulbous asses. The focus drift on a few occasions in the low angle views.

Getting her licks in. 12:44

Cindy lies back on the couch for a nice bit of tongue bath treatment from Angelina. At first it's all pussy licking with some great close up views of Angelina's tongue going right up Cindy's vagina as it naturally gapes open. In the second half Cindy bends over with her ass in the air for some fantastic deep anal licking. You get a crystal clear close up view of Angelina's tongue going right up Cindy's anus.

Derriere Licked Property. 14:15

The girls reverse position now and Angelina gets a good pussy and ass licking from Cindy. After some inside vagina licking the main portion of this clip focuses on deep anus licking while Angelina continues to rub her pussy. Cindy has a particularly long and pointy tongue so if you like deep anal licking you'll enjoy the penetrating action here.

Cleaner Wrasse. ITC Favorite 11:07

Angelina now lies flat on her front with her legs open for a more slow and sensual ass eating session. We get the camera right in between her legs for a beautiful view straight up her bum ogling the contours of her curvy ass while Cindy's tongue explores all up and down her ass crack. The girls share a pretty intense kiss at the end.

Scene 2

Girls Gone Oiled. 18:28

In the bathroom Angelina and Cindy quickly get naked to give each other an oily butt massage. There's certainly not much strip tease here as they are right into the butt massaging within a minute. The predominantly quite sensual mood is interrupted only briefly as Cindy gets goofy making fart noises. Anglina actually gets a little excited towards the end of her massage with some nice ass twitching and squiming. If you love beautiful glistening butts and slippery streams running down curvy ass cracks there's much to enjoy here.

Bathing Booties. 14:39

Now in the bath the girls take turns washing each other's asses with lots of soap and water. There's tons of really nice bend over poses giving great views up the ass of both girls. At the end the mood lightens up quite a lot as the girls just frolic around in the water.

Hungarian Brew. 0:36

Cindy takes a pee in a glass while sitting on the edge of the bath tub. The action is quite distant from the camera since this was totally unplanned and we had no clue she was about to do this. The mood is quite playful in this clip.