1609 Shrima Malati

1610 Jenna Foxx

1611 Cindy Shine

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Jenna Talls. 8:58

Jenna flaunts and juggles her soft assets while stripping beside the pool. Her large natural boobs virtually fall out of her blouse top while she squeezes and juggles them. Her bend over posing shows quite a lot with her skirt hiked up and her minimal panty thong buried in her crack. There’s a pretty awesome introduction to her ass hole when she first pulls her panties aside allowing us to go right up her ass crack to enjoy her winking anus.

Assholes on Fox Nudes. 5:54

This is now all nude posing with lots of focus on Jenna’s full figured ass and ass crack. She’s pretty good at flexing her butt hole when called upon.

Fox Trot. 3:43

Jenna has a casual meander beside the pool to show off her figure in motion. It’s a somewhat cautious walk considering her heels are super tall and the water hazard is just 1 foot away.

You want Flies with that? 5:48

Jenna uses her hitachi vibrator to rattle her pussy to a squirting orgasm. Performance-wise this clip is really good with excellent butt hole contractions and a beautiful stream of pussy juice followed by a small but nice squirt. However there’s no way to sugar coat the fact that a super annoying fly comes in at the worst possible moment and crawls around in the worst possible place. We reshot the footage but it was never as good so you are seeing the fly infested better footage here.

Scene 2

Lookit my Va' Jenna. 9:56

This short all inclusive scene shows Jenna looking pretty hot in her black and white plaid dress with curves spilling out top and bottom. After a short tease she is all naked for a quick look at her bare assets before she gets into a pussy rubbing session.