1598 Casey Norhman

1599 Veronica Leal

1600 Alina Lopez

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Do you Under Tanned? 14:07

Veronica has some quite impressive cleavage hanging out of her dress in the beginning of this scene. The attention soon turns to her bottom side for up skirt views with her panties and bottom hanging out. The latter half of this clip is with panties down giving ample opportunity to gaze upon her bare assets while she is still wearing the dress.

Hind Sight is Plenty Plenty. ITC Favorite 13:51

This is now all nude posing with oodles of bare ass in your face allowing for extended periods of pussy and ass crack inspection. She really does a great job of getting her private places out in the open for maximum exposure. We get some outstanding close up ass hole shots with prominent anus flexing and she occasionally sticks a finger up her butt.

Are Those Leal? 5:50

We take a while to appreciate Veronica’s beautiful boobs. She shows them off with forward bending positions and plenty of wiggling and jiggling.

Smart 'n Squirts Easy. 16:11

Veronica’s dildo masturbation can be split into two sections. First lying back with her knees pinned back high and wide to show off the pussy penetration and later hanging her ass off the edge of the couch for some squirting action. Unfortunately we lost the best squirt due to an unexpected accident but there’s still 2 or 3 good squirts in this scene. One of these squirts looks suspiciously like a straight up pee but there are actual squirting orgasms involved elsewhere in this footage.