1595 Lina Mercury

1596 Bella Rose

1597 Khloe Kapri

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This scene was shot on a rooftop terrace and has perhaps not the greatest audio ever with mostly ambient noise having the neighbour’s music and distant road construction sometimes overpowering any sounds the model makes.

Scene 1

You Lookin' for a Fat Lip? 12:51

Bella has the look of a ’60s movie star with her teased blond hair and red retro sunglasses matching her short red dress. With no panties on it’s not time at all before you are gazing upon bare naked pussy and ass under her short hemline. She gets fully naked except for the shoes one third into this clip and then it’s mostly all naked pussy and ass ogling from there on. Most notable with Bella is the remarkably full lips both top and bottom. Though the face lips are obviously botox enhanced the pussy lips are quite fabulous and well displayed in this clip.

Wears my Fuckin' Sunglasses. 4:19

Bella’s retro sunglasses are the primary prop in this clip with bits getting inserted in between her thick pussy lips. She even wears the sunglasses on her pussy and ass as they appear to be a perfect fit around her bottom side.

Happy Flappers Day. 7:08

Bella’s thick meaty pussy lips get a nice working over with her fingers flapping them around in circular masturbation motion. You can get quite a nice faceful of fat pussy lips in this clip as we often move in really close to fill the frame with nothing but bulging pussy lips.

Tits a Wrap. 4:40

This is just a little bit of bonus nude posing footage with a primary focus on her perky tits. Also noticeable in the full body shots is her remarkable figure with a tiny waist and youthful curves.