1582 Maria Rya

1583 Demi Sutra

1584 Brooklyn Gray

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Show your Ass Demi. 10:28

There’s some lovely panty tease in this strip tease video. Though Demi’s panties are not exactly skimpy she has a good amount of her fabulously shapely ass cheeks spilling out of her panties. The butt teasing is quite delightful with plenty of attention focused on her sexy ass squirming and butt jiggles.

Demi does Doll Ass. ITC Favorite 13:24

This is ass worship central with Demi now all nude and showing off her ass in all manner of revealing poses. There’s a very interesting candlestick position with high vantage points giving excellent views straight up her pussy and ass. With Demi lying on her front we of course go all the way up her butt crack for a detailed look at her ass hole. She mixes in some very sexy ass wobbling and butt hole winking from time to time.

Ass her to Dance. ITC Favorite 3:20

This clip continues on a similar theme of ass worship but with Demi doing some very sexy booty bobbling bouncing her ass cheeks one side at a time. Again there are more outstanding up the butt views sprinkled throughout this clip.

Dabble worshipper. 4:50

Demi has a little dig up her ass with one finger doing up deep dive up her anus. There’s also a good amount of fingers out close up ass hole shots in here as well.

Whatever Sutra. 7:56

This clip starts out with Demi using a bright yellow toy as if she is going to masturbate to the point of orgasm but she soon abandons the toy and uses only fingers. At one point she is using both hands to stimulate both her pussy and ass at the same time. At some point she looses momentum and the scene becomes about other things as she tries to queef, though not so successfully.