1580 Veronica Leal

1581 Stacy Cruz

1582 Maria Rya

Shoot Location: Mykonos, Greece

Scene 1

Racy Stacy. 11:38

Stacy has a particular elegance in the way she moves slowly around the room. The lingerie outfit is not so revealing until she bends over revealing the smallest of thongs in her butt crack. She spends some time teasing with the string thong in her butt crack while standing over your face and while bending over. Eventually she has the panties pulled completely aside with her spread pussy right in your face showing everything.

Sway over your Head. ITC Favorite 16:16

Stacy’s lingerie top remains on but everything else down below is fully nude and out in the open for inspection. There’s oodles of outstanding up the pussy and ass views especially while she stands and squats over your face and while she is in the bend over position. Excellent poses and great views are far from fleeting as she often holds a great pose for an extended period giving plenty of time to soak in her beautiful assets.

Knocker up. 6:30

We take some time now to admire her beautiful set of full natural boobs. All manner of boob jiggling and dangling are included with several interesting underside angles.

X Cruz me. 11:54

Stacy uses a colourful glass dildo to fuck herself while leaning back on the ottoman. The action is not so fast in the early going but is still quite compelling with moist gooeyness oozing from her vagina. Her position is really good with her ass hanging in front of your face to show everything through almost the whole duration.