1575 Lina Luxa

1576 Lexa

1577 Athena Faris

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hose Place is that? 22:33

Lexa in pantyhose has been very popular here before and now she is back for an encore performance. The glossy seamless pantyhose are ideal for showing off her curves while the ass crack and pussy lips are easily seen through the material. In an unusual twist she spreads her ass with her hands inside the pantyhose. The dress comes off one third into this clip and she poses in only the pantyhose for the remainder of the time. She sometimes tugs on the waistband making her ass bounce up and down with no hands involved. Her posing on the window ledge is certainly quite stylish with a fantastic arch in her back.

Cuntstable Goodtwat. 6:11

Now with Lexa fully nude she just shows off her pussy and ass with a number of revealing poses. A majority of this has her posing on the coffee table including some lying on her front and some squatting on your face.

Squawk and Walk. 6:10

Lexa makes her walking scene very elegant even without high heel shoes. Her slow stride is very gracefully done on the balls of her feet. This walking scene is all nude right from the beginning and has no close ups as we just admire her figure from distance.