1566 Paige Owens

1567 Kiara Cole

1568 Emily Willis

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Wall Green's Fair Missy. 10:14

Kiara does a fair bit of meandering around while wearing her green bra and panty set. Her bright yellow fingernails clash a bit with the set but otherwise everything else matches well with the predominantly green walls of the room. She proceeds somewhat on cruise control through this strip tease with the panties staying on until the very end.

That's Pretty Cole. 5:52

Now all nude but for the shoes Kiara shows off her bare bottom side in multiple revealing poses. While the skin is not entirely flawless due to a few minor bug bites and scrapes, her form is quite remarkable with a tight pussy and ass package.

Cole Play. 8:32

Kiara’s toy masturbation action is perhaps a bit lacking in conviction and not so compelling. Nevertheless her beautiful pussy and ass are well displayed out in the open for excellent viewing. She mostly rubs the vibrating toy on her clit and around the outside of her pussy with some occasional half attempts to insert. Being one of the hottest chicks the lack of effort doesn’t really hurt the scene that much because she still looks amazing and we get some beautiful pussy views throughout.