1560 Gianna Dior

1561 Demi Sutra

1562 Melody Wylde

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Attention to High Jean. ITC Favorite 16:48

This is certainly one of the best ass and jean shorts combinations we have shot with firm ass cheeks spilling well out of jean shorts that fit beautifully under her ass crack in a super tidy package. Demi moves like poetry in motion with everything seemingly choreographed to perfection. She does the splits on several occasions with full butt cheeks bulging well out of her shorts. Her butt squirming while lying on her front brings you as close as possible to ass perfection inasmuch as one can without full nudity.

It's all up Demi Now. 13:11

Now fully nude Demi shows off her bare bottom side first sitting backwards on a small end table. Progressing through a myriad of other revealing poses Demi gives you a really good look at her private places. This includes some close up gaping vagina shots showing the rippling vagina walls pulsing in and out as she flexes her muscles.

She's Fucking Bananas. ITC Favorite 14:02

Demi uses a bright yellow sex toy to fuck herself sometimes with her butt hanging in a crab walk position and sometimes lying on her back. Her enjoyment is quite genuine and obvious as the action culminates in multiple squirting orgasms with squirt splattering in all directions.