1557 Angel Emily

1558 Kalina Ryu

1559 Vina Sky

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Green Piece Demonstration. 8:26

Kalina poses in a green one piece top and black jean shorts on the terrace against a quite scenic background. Her cut off jean shorts barely contain her private bits as her pussy lips manage to escape on a few occasions.

Kalina up your Womb. 4:23

Kalina is all nude now and she wastes little time in spreading her privates in your face early on. She has a pretty strong tug on her pussy lips to get it to open up nicely.

Ryu so Fidgety? 6:04

This is all manner of other nude posing in a large number of poses. She is either naturally hyper or “on something” as she virtually never sits still. She stumbles upon some pretty interesting poses especially as she stands doing the splits with one leg in the air.

Fucking Hyper. 16:10

Kalina is at her best when given a big fucking dildo to plow herself with. At first the dildo is suction mounted to the end table and she rides it over your face. The position is the best for excellent up the ass views while she humps the dildo. She manages a pretty decent stint of dildo humping before moving on to a plethora of other positions. She is certainly restless with positions sometimes changing every minute. She finally settles on the missionary pose to fuck herself hard with a strong two handed grip. There’s no shortage of slobber and aggression in this raunchy hard core dildo fucking frenzy.