1551 Lilu Moon

1552 Lexa

1553 Nia Nacci

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Azure Well a Wear. 12:52

Lexa’s azure blue lingerie fits very nicely with her figure showcasing her beautiful hips and ass. She moves very slowly allowing you a clear view of all her best assets. Bend over poses get her nice big booty bulging in your face while her thong string gets pulled out of her crack to give a sneak peek up her ass.

Garter Done. 10:11

Lexa is now stripped down to just her garter, stockings and shoes which remain on for the rest of the video. There’s a segment of straight up pussy spreading but perhaps the best bits are just her amazing ass slowly squirming around in front of your face. We take the time to just gaze straight upon her legendary ass in the standing position and she intermittently spreads it open for a more revealing view.

Hittin’ Miss. 6:33

Lexa takes a different approach to this quasi masturbation clip by slapping her pussy more than she strokes it. Part way through she turns onto her front and continues to slap her ass. She eventually gets a bit of a red mark on her ass cheek from all the spanking.

Fiddler on the Ledge. 4:34

Now a more conventional masturbation scene starts while she lies back on the window ledge. There’s no toys involved as she just gives her pussy a bit of a rub using her hands.

3D. 3D info 11:04

This 3D version video contains all content similar to the first two clips above.