1545 Veronica Leal

1546 Daisy Stone

1547 Eliza Ibarra

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Easy Daisy. 7:34

Daisy version 2.0 is a little more mature and slim and trim than in previous sets with ITC. Certainly her ass is not as big as before but still very shapely and well proportioned. Her holey dress reveals quite a bit with no panties on underneath. The dress is a very nice tease with sexy upskirt views combined with full nude pussy and ass views when she lifts the dress up over her ass.

You Assed for it. ITC Favorite 14:06

With the dress now off the excellent proportions of her figure are revealed as she wanders around nude. The attention soon turns to bend over poses and views straight up the naked pussy and ass. She has a very nice twerk and booty wobble that activates from time to time. Later standing she gives you a very nice bum show with her spread ass parked on your face. She momentarily wanders out onto the deck quasi walking scene with poses that beautifully show off her figure. She ends straddling the bench showing a beautiful arch in her back and flexing her ass in your face.

Driving Miss Daisy. 11:30

Daisy uses a super soft rubber dildo while lying back on the bench. She seems a little dry at first but later moistens up as she nears climax. She later hangs her butt off the edge of the bench giving you an awesome view of her butt cheeks hanging under the dildo action. A little bit of shuddering and squirming as she nears climax enhances the scene nicely with the butt coming alive with motion. There’s a very nice moist pussy fiddle and spread to end the scene

3D. 3D info 8:41

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first two clips above.