1541 Sarah Banks

1542 Leanne Lace

1543 Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Lace in my Place. 13:56

Leanne does a little bit of parading around and posing on the bed wearing her black lace one piece lingerie. She unsnaps the crotch half way through letting her bare girlie bits out for inspection. She momentarily stuffs the crotch section inside her pussy showing a new and unusual way to wear this kind of lingerie.

Prague's Legs. 2:44

Leanne is now all nude except for the shoes and stockings and she does a little parade back and forth to show off her figure in motion. The room is really too small for a walking scene but sufficient to display her curvy wiggle for a short time. Her front side is certainly beautiful with lovely hips and a very pretty face enticing you as she meanders around.

Crawls Pace. 8:29

Once again she uses a small space to move around crawling all over the bed with the rear view showing off a nice bend over ass in motion and the front side showing a beautiful smiling face. She later settles down to allow some close up views up her butt in poses lying on her front and side and squatting on your face.

Buzzness and Fine Ass. 13:29

Leanne uses a black vibrator in a couple of different positions and reaches an orgasm on at least two different occasions. Lying on her back with the legs up and together shows off the beautiful curves around her lower end while the toy presses between her lips. After cumming she appears to be done but then the action starts again with her butt hanging off the edge of the bed for round two. There’s not a lot of insertion as the toy seems to works best for her on the clitoris. She becomes quite animated with heavy breathing and with her squirming ass hanging in your face giving a perfect viewing angle up her well lit underside.