144 Charlie Laine

145 Cindy Hope

146 Lilly Love

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

You Cotton Pickin' Bum. 9:26

Posing outdoors in a beautiful garden set Cindy strips down to her white cotton panties and spends some time just fondling her ass and adjusting her panties. There's a brief bit of bottomless nudity at the end of this clip. There are several technical glitches with things such as lighting, color, and audio etc. though not enough to distract from the beautiful girl.

Butt Out. 7:58

Now in a little better lighting situation Cindy just shows off her naked ass with lots of spreading it for your wandering eyes. There's loads of great up the ass views with some nice little butt jiggles and you sometimes see her face in the picture at the same time. Towards the end she reaches all the way around to her pussy lips and spreads her vagina open as well.

It's all a Pout Lips. 7:35

Cindy gets up on the log picnic table for her finger masturbation session. There's actually more pussy lip fondling than all out masturbation as she squeezes her lips together slowly massaging them and occasionally dipping her fingers inside.

Yank 'n Doodle. 5:24

Cindy uses a blue dildo to continue her masturbation session but again spends more time just showing off her pussy than actually masturbating. She uses the dildo more as a tool to pry open her vagina and show off her big gaping hole. The last part is all close up gaping vagina views. She spreads it so wide you can sometimes even see her cervix.

Buzzness is Slow. 6:51

At this point we requested that she forget about putting on any kind of a show and just do what she normally does to have an orgasm. It's not so great for fast and furious action because she just jams the vibrator on her clit and concentrates on the sensations. It may be kind of slow but it is certainly completely genuine as is evident by the quivering in her thighs as she reaches her orgasm.

Urine Eight. 2:38

Cindy squats over the edge of a stone ledge to pee. There is no constant stream as she goes in multiple little squirts.

Scene 2

Meet the Flintstones. 12:37

Posing in a unique log house on a Flintstones theme Cindy does a slow strip tease peeling out of her plaid mini skirt and panties before showing off everything naked. There's lots of ass spreading sprinkled throughout this clip with a few diversions to other points of interest. She gets a nice pussy spread with her vagina gaping open while bending over the back of the log couch. Her beautiful face is quite expressive in the moments when you see it.

Hope Chest. ITC Favorite 17:17

Few girls can spread a vagina like Cindy can so we spend this entire clip just ogling her huge gaping vagina while she pries it open with multiple fingers. She gets it spread open so wide you can clearly see her cervix almost half the time. Two thirds of this clip is entirely extreme close ups looking all the way up her gaping vagina. There's a few moments where the focus struggles to adjust but then the view is completely out of this world. These are some of the best and most extensive vagina views on the site. Jack up the volume if you like gooey squishy pussy noises!

Jewelry Box. 9:10

Cindy stuffs a huge long string of pearls up her vagina until they completely disappear. She spreads her pussy open to show the pearls inside her vagina before slowly pulling them all out. Then she does it a second time this time pulling the pearls out so that they floss between her closed pussy lips.

Pet Peeve. 0:41

This is just a brief outtake clip in which Cindy plays with the dog. There is no sexual content but there's a few nice views in it.

Scene 3

Sprinkle and Spray. 3:35

Cindy takes a pee while squatting in the bathtub. Your viewpoint is from right inside the tub at the opposite end of the tub with the full body view. Later she sprays herself down with the shower head. She is noticeably quite cheerful throughout this clip with lots of smiles for the camera.