1532 Cindy Starfall

1533 Bella Rose

1534 Melody Wylde

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Bella Botox. 14:46

Bella really has a gorgeous slim figure with her short dress providing a beautiful tease. The upskirt tease is fantastic with her dress sliding up over her cheeks and her ass and panties dancing over your face. She has quite a bulge in her panties hinting at the thick pussy lips to be discovered.

Bella Curves. 8:31

Now all nude Bella shows that she has full thick lips both top and bottom. Though her facial lips are unfortunately obviously fake her pussy is a thing of beauty with really thick meaty labia. Some of the posing is full body views but she also spends a reasonable amount of time with her bare pussy and ass parked on top of your face letting you gaze straight up her naked underside.

Does in Roses. 8:50

Bella uses only fingers for her masturbation session. We’re not sure that there is really an orgasm in this but there’s plenty of fat lip twiddling to entertain you seen both from the front and the back.

A Fat Lip Sandwich. 3:03

We got her to just show off the thickness of her pussy lips for a while with a various pussy lip squeezing and manipulation. There’s lots of close up inspection with her meaty lips bulging in your face throughout this clip. She also spreads everything open showing what is between her lips. She doesn’t exactly gape but the the vagina is clearly in view for a little while. At the end she walks to the edge of the balcony and strikes a pose the beautifully shows off her slender curves.