1527 Anastasia Knight

1528 Lexa

1529 Jayde Symz

Shoot Location: Catalonia, Spain

Scene 1

Dressed for Such Sex. 7:17

Lexa’s sexy yellow dress really brings out the curves with decorative patterns that make her even more curvy. What’s under the dress is even hotter with seamless pantyhose peeking out as she teasingly pulls up her dress.

Hose Spain for this? ITC Favorite 16:18

Now with the dress off we thoroughly worship her pantyhose ass with everything glistening under sheer material and all private places clearly visible through the see through fabric. She creates a pretty spectacular booty bounce by tugging up on her pantyhose with beautiful ass curves bobbling in your face. The pantyhose stay on through almost all of this although they hardly hide anything and enhance the scene with some excellent tease. There’s some bare bottom content in the last few minutes as she pulls the pantyhose down around her thighs.

Lexa get Naked. 6:03

More graphic content follows now with Lexa fully nude and spreading her bottom end and private parts.

3D. 3D info 18:39

This is a condensed version of the entire scene in 3D format.