1518 Vina Sky

1519 Khloe Kapri & Demi Lopez

1520 Gia Vendetti

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Let's Glow Under. 3:48

This is Khloe’s solo tease before the 2 girl content begins. She wears a completely see through dress with no panties or bra on underneath. We use some unusual underside lighting to make her pussy glow inside the dress.

Cheeky Lopez. ITC Favorite 4:35

And now Demi does a solo strip tease wearing a matching bra and panty. The panties are quite interesting with a high waist and a high cut over the ass cheeks allowing lots of butt to spill out. The combination of beautiful panties and a voluptuous ass makes for a wonderful ass tease.

Crack Whores. 11:50

After some initial stripping the girls soon get into some in depth ass licking. Demi is on the receiving end first and we get some outstanding close up shots in her ass crack with Khloe’s tongue venturing right up into her anus. Khloe then gets her pussy munched followed by her ass.

Oh Tub be Silly. 4:54

The girls take a bath together and all sensuality disappears as the girls just get goofy and horse around in the tub. There’s still no lack of nice ass tease though as they sprinkle suds and water over each other asses.

Water you Lickin' At? 2:12

We have a brief interlude of ass worship focusing on Demi’s beautiful big ass. Khloe gets her face buried in Demi’s fat ass and has a good lick around.

Bubble Butts. 7:00

This starts with ass worship of a different kind in a more sensual mood with water running down over Demi’s bend over butt followed by Khloe getting the same treatment. They then pose side by side twerking in the waterline and then on their fronts with two asses floating in the water and bouncing around.

The Butthole of Waterloo. 8:14

We go back to the ass licking now with the primary focus on Khloe’s tongue up Demi’s ass crack. Once again we get some beautiful close up shots with Khloe’s tongue getting right up in Demi’s butt hole. They switch around and then Khloe is on the receiving end of the same ass licking treatment. It wraps up with Demi getting her ass all soaped up in a thick lather.

Shower How it's Done. 5:10

The girls spray down with the shower head and then Khloe gives Demi a shower of a different kind. Sitting on the edge of the tub Khloe masturbates using her fingers producing several big squirting orgasms. Demi not wanting to miss out on the action manages to get her face right in the line of fire.

H2 Hoes. 5:42

We made the suggestion to the girls of having a little water fight in the tub. While we meant it to be a play fight the girls took it to the next level and shit gets real. Luckily no one got injured during the making of this movie.

H2 Hoes - 3D. 3D info 5:40

The same footage as the above clip in 3D.