142 Sandra

143 Peaches & Lauryn May

144 Charlie Laine

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Chick it out. 9:49

Peaches and Lauryn get acquainted on the couch stripping each other's clothes off and exploring each other's bodies. There's no real lesbian action at this point as they just take turns spreading each others butts for the camera.

Kiss my Ass! 7:57

Lauryn gets spread out on the couch on her front for Peaches to give her ass a good little tongue bath. There's some very nice footage in this with lots of delicate ass kissing and licking and a hint of tongue pressed slightly up Lauryn's ass hole.

Tit Twits. ITC Favorite 6:17

The mood turns more fun and playful now with Lauryn teasing Peaches tits as they dangle in her face. Peaches joins the fun by flopping her boobs all over Lauryn's face and Lauryn tries to snag a boob in her mouth as they flip by. There's lots of excellent tit licking action with close ups of Lauryn's tongue flicking over Peaches' nipple. This clip is one of a kind with some pretty unique and high quality footage. It also helps that Peaches has some of the nicest boobs we've ever shot.

Eating Peaches. 2:48

Lauryn tucks her head in under Peaches pussy to lick her pussy while you gaze up her amazing ass. It's a great position for getting a major unobstructed eyeful of pussy and ass while she gets her pussy licked.

You Tit Fucking Ass Hole! 2:29

With Peaches posing with her ass in the air Lauryn dabbles her nipple in her ass crack rubbing it right on her anus. It's some pretty unique action that you don't see very often.

The Ream Team. 7:48

After a nice little bit of ass worship things aren't so sweet and innocent any more. Lauryn gets stuck right into Peaches ass literally reaming her anus with her tongue. We get some excellent close up views of Lauryn's tongue right up inside Peaches ass hole. The action gets pretty heated with Peaches frigging her pussy while Lauryn goes nuts on her anus. After the excitement dies down a little we see Lauryn still lightly sucking and kissing Peaches anus. The clip ends with the two girls kissing.

Savour the Flavour. ITC Favorite 7:29

Great thought the previous action was we really wanted to get some more sensual action with the girls in the best position to show off Peaches amazing ass. With Peaches lying on her front we get the camera in a great position to gaze up her gorgeous ass while Lauryn gets a really good taste of her ass. There's no lack of beautiful ass licking here as Lauryn takes big lollipop licks up the length of her ass crack frequently pausing at her anus to sink her tongue inside.

She Nose Her Well. 3:08

Things get a little bit silly now as Lauryn buries her face right up Peaches ass crack and both girls get giggly and crazy. We were aiming for something more sensual but the silliness is still entertaining if you like giggly girls.

Piss Assist. 1:31

Lauryn takes a little pee while leaning back against the couch and Peaches helps her wipe up afterwards. There's very little pee in the clip as it's just a brief trickle.

Scene 2

Girl Washing. 6:18

The girls take a bath together in the jacuzzi while both still wearing their panties. Boob lovers should like this one as the main focus of attention is on soapy boob washing. Towards the end the girls participate in a little boob battling action as they rub against each other with four glistening boobs all squishing and slithering against each other.

Cheeky Clean. 10:43

Peaches poses on her knees with her ass in the air sticking out of the water and her panties down around her thighs while Lauryn washes her ass. You get some great views up Peaches curvy ass with soap suds enhancing the view and water cascading down over her curves. This clip ends with yet another great ass licking segment with peaches ass up showing off her best assets.

Laundry Day. 7:40

The girls switch positions now and Lauryn poses with her ass in the air to get her ass washed. With Lauryn's panties down just enough to show off her naked pussy and ass Peaches sticks her hand through between Lauryn's legs and rubs the panty crotch against her pussy working up lots of suds before rinsing it all off. This is how you do your laundry and wash your pussy at the same time. The clip ends with a vigorous and playful ass wobbling session.

Rinse Cycle. 2:47

We end the video with two beautiful glistening asses bobbing up and down in the water. Bother girls have their panties down around their thighs. The scene ends with a kiss and a little bit of playfulness.