1507 Jimena Lago

1508 Kiara Cole

1509 Rina Ellis

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Pretty Cole in Here. ITC Favorite 12:32

Kiara is certainly one of the prettiest girls we’ve had on the site with a look reminiscent of 60s style pin up girl. She has some really nice angles with poses that really show off her legs, back arch and curves beautifully. The bulge in her panty crotch is an attention grabber especially when she starts dabbling her finger over her pussy and pressing on the bulge. Other than perhaps an unfortunate tattoo you’ll be hard pressed to find any faults with this incredibly gorgeous young lady.

Shoe and Teal. ITC Favorite 13:31

Kiara is now all nude except for a very pretty pair of teal coloured shoes. She is a real stunner with beautiful poses showing off her shapely legs, butt and back arch. Included here are some excellent close up ass crack views with a bit of nice anus flexing. Any time we move out for a full body shot you will instantly notice her pretty shoes, excellent posture and expert posing.

The Rub Club. 5:59

Kiara now lies back on the bed to use her elegant looking vibrator on her pussy. She soon flips over onto her front to hump the toy with her butt thrust in the air. It’s a great pose for admiring her feet, shoes, legs and the view up her ass all while she gets off on the toy.

Cole Miner's Dotter. ITC Favorite 7:40

Now lying on her side Kiara shows off her ass a little more explicitly with some anal fingering. We get some amazing close up shots with her ass crack filling your screen while her anus flexes in your face at sniffing distance.