1505 Melody Wylde

1506 Kalina Ryu

1507 Jimena Lago

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

It's my Pleather. 6:36

This relatively sedate (by Kalina’s standards) strip tease is the calm before the storm which is to follow in later clips. Her fake leather shorts are pretty skimpy with her ass mostly hanging out of them. She is usually extremely hyper but she manages to behave herself for a while and pulls off a very pleasant strip tease with a nice smile and measured movement.

Korean Around the Bend. 10:39

Now bottomless Kalina really gets her bare lower end into your face with some very overt bend over and ass out posing. The pace picks up a little and things become considerably more graphic as it progresses. You get the impression that she is really trying her hardest to get her well spread pussy and ass as far out in the open and exposed as possible.

Play a Cunt Turbo. 8:53

The real Kalina starts to kick in as she begins masturbating. There’s no question she is the fastest masturbator on the site performing with incredible vigor. At times her hands move so fast they virtually become a blur. There’s also some very strong pussy spreading at moments between the masturbation.

Hyper Burst Slobber Dink. ITC Favorite 12:28

Now with the addition of a big black rubber dildo and great gobs of saliva the scene gets downright crazy. This is where Kalina is at her best although it may be a bit too much for some viewers. She attacks her pussy with extreme aggression using the big black dildo like a weapon as if trying to destroy her pussy. You need to not mind copious slatherings of spit and slobber all over everything in order to enjoy this or you might find it disturbing at the messiest moments. The action comes in waves with Kalina alternately slowing down to gather more slobber and then raging on her pussy again with reckless abandon. She is certainly a one of a kind performer the likes of which we have not had on the site before.