1499 Riley Anne

1500 Lexa

1501 Stephanie West

Shoot Location: Faroe Islands

We visited the Faroe Islands primarily as tourists with a plan of doing landscape photography and very little expectation of doing anything for inthecrack. Lexa decided to join us to explore the amazing landscapes while any outside chance of perhaps getting a set for ITC would just be a bonus. This is the one and only ITC set we shot there due to the obviously less than ideal climate. Faced with the possibility of being the first (and probably last) to ever shoot “porn” in this far off place we made the best of it and did a little shoot by the epic cliffs where no one goes.

Scene 1

In a Faroe Way Land. 12:05

Lexa does a strip tease on the rocks at the edge of some rather monumental sea cliffs. This is perhaps as much about the location as it is about the strip tease. There’s a bit of a lack of typical inthecrack style close up inspection as these were not the ideal conditions to allow for it. What it does have is some personality and amazing backgrounds. Being the professional that she is Lexa posed in windy 11 degree weather at her own initiative and without a word of complaint, though you can tell she is actually freezing her ass off.

She's got a Nice Grass. 7:32

Now in a slightly more sheltered spot on a little patch of grass Lexa gets fully nude and spreads her pussy and ass for the camera. At the end she walks back out to the cliff edge completely naked.

Scene 2

No Balls Nordic. 4:40

We took a long hike to get to an obscure landscape photography spot with no plan to shoot for ITC. However the epic landscape and presence of a model calls for us to at least shoot “something” for the site. Lexa is dressed in multiple layers of hiking gear but still manages to show off her bare bottom end including some close ups. The lens is a little dirty in this clip.