1496 Lady Dee

1497 Demi Sutra

1498 Cherie DeVille

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Are you Fray Demi? 13:15

New model Demi has quite a tidy little figure with her amazing booty curves hanging out of her jean shorts. You’ll soon see that she really knows how to move her ass in seductive and imaginative ways, especially when she lies on her front have slowly gyrates her ass around in large circles.

This is Nude Demi. 7:47

This is quite similar to the first clip except now she is all nude and the views are more explicit. Once again she has imaginative ways of bouncing her ass around that are quite entertaining. You really can’t nitpick about any flaws on this girl as everything around her pussy and ass is tight, tidy and curvy.

Hump Diggity. 10:51

Having a girl that really knows how to move her ass in seductive and beautiful gyrations we obviously had to see her humping a mounted dildo. There’s a fair amount of slow squirmy motion just to clearly show off the curves of her underside undulating on the dildo. She also gets rather more animated with vigorous twerking at random intervals. When she is done with the toy she is not quite finished with the masturbation as she then continues frigging herself with just her fingers. She actually leaks a bit of squirt here although it is not so easily seen.

Cummer Sutra. 8:09

Demi had a second go at the masturbation because she saw our big vibrator that she just had to try. Lying on her back on the glass table she brings herself to a quite enthusiastic orgasm not just once but twice. She does a pretty nice pussy spread at the end to finish it off.

3D. 3D info 12:42

This 3D video has all content similar to the first two clips listed above.

Scene 2

She's got Good Jeans. 5:25

This bonus scene is from the first time we met Demi at her casting. Needless to say she made a great first impression with her tight little booty packed in her form fitting jeans. This is exactly how she showed up at the door and we just went with it.

Floornicator. 8:32

Now all nude, it’s not long before Demi gets down on the floor and starts working her pussy. She has a pretty enthusiastic pussy frigging session, mostly with her ass up in the air and then on her back on the floor.