1489 Jade Kush

1490 Sarah Banks

1491 Sabina Rouge

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Meat me Round Back. 7:18

We generally avoid girls with excessive tattoos and obvious fake boobs but in this case we had to make an exception for a chance to ogle the epic rear end of Sarah Banks. Before long her knitted gold dress slips up over her ass and the butt worship begins. Her panties remain on through most of this but you get a nice intro to her bare ass crack in the last few minutes with her panties pulled down around her thighs.

Sarah Bank Open Around Here? ITC Favorite 16:40

With the panties now off the perfection of her girly places is now obvious. The roundness of her ass is incredible and it is complimented with a really nice thick set of pussy lips. Her bend over posing is quite amazing as is the ever present arch in her back. This girl really knows how to pose showing off her curvy bottom side to the maximum. Your heart will skip a beat when she lies on her side and thrusts her bum in your face showing some of the roundest well formed curves we have shot to date.

Glassical Cunt Poser. 12:59

Sarah uses a multi coloured glass dildo to fuck herself, at first while leaning back against the couch with her butt hanging in mid air and then doggy and on her back with the legs up. There’s a number of excellent slow action close ups showing beautiful penetration with thick pussy lips bulging around the toy. Her dark moist pussy lips glisten beautifully with detail in the light. Her clit stands out more than most girls by the simple fact that it is substantially brighter colour than the surrounding skin.