1480 Lulu Love

1481 Jasmine Summers & Lily Adams

1482 Sybil

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

I Cunt Wait. 6:46

Jasmine and Lily don’t waste much time getting busy with each other. This clip is mostly about stripping down and flirting with each other but they also sneak in a bit of pussy and ass licking early on even before getting fully naked.

Munch Appreciated. 5:05

With both girls now all nude the lesbian action gets into full swing. It is full time pussy and ass licking in both directions.

A Ridge in Hole Sin. 10:55

A lumpy clear dildo is introduced into the scene and the girls take turns working it in each other’s pussy. There’s a bit of insertion although with the vibrations much of the stimulation is on the outside with the toy rubbing against the clitoris. Jasmine gets a pretty good ass licking while the toy vibrates on her clitoris. Some of the acting is a bit over the top but there’s also some pretty genuine reactions to the stimulation.

Lez Face Sit. 9:05

The girls take turns sitting on each other’s face to get eaten out. Some of the angles are especially good with bend over positions giving an unobstructed view up the butts.