1471 Moka Mora

1472 Demi Lopez & Kalina Ryu

1473 Riley Anne

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Do you want Korean or Mexican? 8:50

Demi and Kalina spend this clip just showing off for each other and for the camera with a quasi solo each. It’s a chance to check out their outfits and assets without heads and hands in the way. There’s a little bit of light fondling at various moments but it is mostly a solo tease for each girl.

Lez do this. 14:01

The girls start stripping off and soon get right into the lesbian action. No crevasse goes unlicked with tongues going in every orifice in various positions. There’s a rather exotic scissoring position near the end with the girls rubbing their pussies against each other.

Tunnelingus. ITC Favorite 14:19

The action gets a little more dirty now with some very deliberate anal tongue insertion. With a close up view at an ideal angle you see all the details as each girl buries her tongue deep up the other girls ass hole. The vaginas also get a similar treatment. These girls are real pros and not shy about doing the full nasty in explicit detail. Near the end Demi gets her big butt twerking right on Kalina’s face while her tongue slams into her pussy.