1453 Jimena Lago

1454 Lexa

1455 Mia Evans

Shoot Location: Catalonia, Spain

Scene 1

Neighborhood Watch. 15:28

Lexa strips from a very nice pure white bikini in the late afternoon sun. She gets naked one third into this clip leaving lots of time to just enjoy her naked assets. This clip has plenty of unfortunate neighborhood sounds in the audio with dogs barking and kids in a playground. There’s nothing else of importance in the audio of this clip so we suggest possibly playing it without sound.

Lexa Go. 7:13

Lexa puts on a little parade showing off her curves in motion as she continually walks around the pool. This is shot partially zooming in from a distance and partially up close as we follow her around the pool. The close up butt shots are clearly the best thing about this scene with her wiggling butt filling the screen right in front of your face.

Dusky Waters. 7:22

Now in the light of dusk Lexa has a quick frolic in the jacuzzi frequently putting her butt in your face or floating her ass in the water. Near the end she becomes considerably more playful bouncing around rather crazily. At this point her attention is elsewhere as she is looking at our 3D camera which was shooting simultaneously while your perspective is from a B roll camera.

3D. 3D info 3:58

This 3D video is the same as parts of the Dusky Waters clip above though the bouncy playfulness is at the beginning followed by some shots of her butt floating in the water.