1446 Riley Anne

1447 Daisy Stone

1448 Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Up See Daisy. 10:39

Daisy’s rather large behind is immediately noticeable as her short black dress struggles to contain it. Her hemline gradually gets shorter and shorter revealing more of her big thick jiggly cheeks. Though her panties are not a thong her ass completely eats it up making it look like a thong with her cheeks entirely spilling out. A good chunk of this clip has Daisy in only her panties with her big butt swaying around over your face and getting spanked and spread. Then bending over with her panties down around her thighs she does a nice slow twerk with a hefty wobble in her ass.

The Daisy Lays of Summer. 11:51

Daisy is all naked now and starts this clip lying on her back on the leather coffee table. Her poses enhance some really nice and wide ass curves in all positions. Later we move to underside views as she squats on top of your face and works her big ass curves with spreads and spanks and twerks. Interestingly her hand prints leave very visible marks on her skin every time she handles her ass. Her bend over slow motion twerk is quite remarkable in displaying her big thick curves. She ends up lying on her stomach with her legs wide open giving you the close up view up her jiggling ass crack.

Creaky Dick. 8:37

Daisy’s rubber dildo makes an unusual sound when she is using it due to the bendable mechanism inside it. There’s a bit of a lack of moistness but not so bad as to look awkward. After a cautious start she really picks up the pace giving herself an energetic pumping with the toy.

Scene 2

The Strolling Stones. ITC Favorite 9:16

Now outside under brilliant blue skies Daisy shows off her big wobbly butt with a walking scene. There is no clothed segment to this. She is all naked from beginning to end. Her ass really moves with some fantastic wiggle motion which we capture in some awesome close up shots. The first half of this has construction noise in the audio.

Scene 3

Stone Zone. 7:34

This bonus footage was shot on an entirely different day and without the professional make up. She does a fairly quick strip tease from a black bra and panty set and then poses nude and finally masturbates using just her fingers.