1444 Jasmine Jazz

1445 Kalina Ryu

1446 Riley Anne

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

High There Kalina. 9:37

Kalina is back after a multi year absence and still looking great into her 30s. She is naturally hyperactive and rarely sits still for any length of time, but it also makes her a great performer when it gets down to the action. In this strip tease clip Kalina spends some time tugging on her bikini bottom letting various feminine places spill out as she goes.

Hot Fidgety. 9:12

Now fully naked Kalina starts out just showing off her bare pussy and ass and spreading her bits open. Her pussy manipulations gradually become a hard and fast finger masturbation session with the action sometimes taking a furious pace. At times it almost looks like we have sped up the footage because her hands are moving so fast. Her momentum is broken a few times as she gets restless with her position but in general her action is pretty intense. She does a pretty hard and wide pussy spread towards the end though her restless motion makes it a shaky shot.

Crack Open the Bubbly. 6:58

Now down in the jacuzzi Kalina floats her ass around in the violently bubbling water. The best shots show her ass jacking up out of the water all glistening wet and presented in the most revealing way. Later out of the water she does the splits on the edge of the jacuzzi.

3D. 3D info 14:19

This 3D video is essentially a condensed version of the entire video having content similar to all three clips above.