134 Hannah Hunter

135 Celeste Star

136 Angelina Crow

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Though perhaps not as flawless as some of our European models Celeste is super sensitive to clitoral stimulation making this an excellent video for those who love intense and genuine action.\r\n

Scene 1

Come see my Lace. 8:03

Celeste does a slow strip from her blue lace lingerie set. She spends quite a lot of time flossing her pussy with her panty crotch wedged up her pussy slit. You see quite a lot of naked pussy even though her panties are still on.

She Rolls Bentley. 10:44

This is mostly all naked ass spreading first on her knees bending over and then lying on her side. Though she's not completely flawless she does look exceptionally good bending over with everything spread open. With several good hard ass spreads her pussy opens up too and any imperfections are forgotten about as her open undercarriage molds into beautiful curves flowing in all directions.

Clit Clip. 13:36

After a brief leg show and a little pussy spreading Celeste gets down to the serious business of masturbation with lots of attention on the clitoris. There's a number of excellent extreme close up views of the clitoris while she slowly fiddles with it. Celeste may have as many as 4 real orgasms in this clip. You'll also be fascinated to see her twitching as she swipes her finger over her swollen and sensitive clitoris.

Vibe Freak Out. ITC Favorite 9:14

Things get a little more intense now as Celeste uses a vibrator to send herself over the top. Her clitoris is so sensitive that she can barely stand it. Though there's several climactic moments there's no real obvious moment of orgasm but she does freak out and twitch quite a lot under the intense vibrations of the toy. The action here is definitely very genuine with tons of intense and obvious reactions to the effects of the toy.

Scene 2

Front Yard Views. 12:09

Now outdoors in the front yard Celeste relaxes on the bench and strikes several sexy poses with numerous up skirt views in her tiny black mini skirt. Her figure is apparently not so perfect at times until the last part where she gets on her knees bending over with her naked ass in the air and then she looks amazing. She gets a beautiful ass wobble going followed by some really nice ass spreading.

High on Grass. ITC Favorite 15:44

Now completely naked and flat out on the grass Celeste has an extensive masturbation session. A heavy duty clit rub leads to a nice orgasm followed by some more sedate clit fiddling with close ups as she flicks her clit. After rubbing herself to another orgasm she moves on to a red vibrator and grinds outs a few more orgasms. Once again her clit gets so sensitive that she can barely stand it but she keeps on working it twitching and flipping out as she goes.

Blow Job. 2:16

This clip has a little more unique novelty than substance. Celeste uses our lens puffer gadget to cool off her spent clitoris. There's some nice close up views and she seemed to enjoy this though it doesn't particularly lead to anything.