1421 Sybil

1422 Lexa

1423 Riley Anne

Shoot Location: Catalonia, Spain

Scene 1

That's what I'm Stocking about. 14:15

Lexa wears a pretty sophisticated full lingerie outfit complete with stockings and garter belt. It’s only after we move in that you see the panties are crotchless. There’s a decent amount of excellent butt tease with little jiggles and spreads. Her ass is impressively wide to accentuate her fantastic proportions in many of her poses. The sides of her crotchless panties become a prop for pussy flossing later on in the clip.

Let's Higher the Bum. 10:02

Half of her lingerie ensemble is now gone leaving only the stockings and garter belt for the rest of the video. It’s now all bare pussy and ass ogling with some very nice close up views. She hangs her ass very nicely in your face at the beginning and then ends up jacking her ass up in the air towards the end.

Pump Friction. 7:11

Lexa fucks herself with a mauve coloured toy. Using coconut oil for lube she doesn’t appear as wet as she might otherwise have been resulting is a little more friction between toy and pussy. We get some very nice exposed undercarriage views as she hangs her ass down off the edge of the ottoman while fucking herself. After she is done with the toy the spreads at the end are really nice with the vagina gaping and the ass dangling in mid air.

3D. 3D info 12:08

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first two clips above.