1419 Jade Kush

1420 Demi Lopez

1421 Sybil

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Scene 1

Shore to Please. 10:24

The location is pretty unique for this scene with a weird cave and rock formation on the shoreline. Demi’s big booty hangs out of her jean shorts quite nicely and it only gets nicer when she strips down to her beautiful purple panties. There’s lots of beautiful squirmy ass shots as she wags her bum around in front of your face. The tease is enhanced with an occasional panty adjustment and manual booty juggling. The reflected late afternoon sun casts a golden glow on her skin throughout this entire video.

Cave Woman. 11:05

Despite being on a slightly less than comfortable perch Demi manages to show off her naked pussy and ass admirably. Her full bottom butt checks are frequently wiggling in one way or another and she does some nice pussy spreading from time to time. Her fabulous bottom might be the main attraction here though with plenty of butt spreading and some nice jiggles.

This Fucking Rocks. 7:39

Demi uses a small rubber dildo to fuck herself while lying back on the rocks. The video starts to have a few minor issues at this point. It is apparent that the hard surface is not really conducive to a great performance but she still does reasonably ok. The audio is also noticeably lower quality since we lost our microphone in the water and now rely on the camera audio. On a positive note we do get some very nice reflected light filling her undercarriage with quite a nice golden glow from the late day sun.