1415 Darcie Lee

1416 Cherie DeVille & Lily Adams

1417 Aislin

Shoot Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Scene 1

Cuntry Bum Twins. 9:01

This lesbian scene starts with non stop banter, giggling and fun times while the girls strip each other and get frisky with each other. Playfulness is off the hook at times although the do settle down on the odd occasion to work on the business at hand. A couple of assholes get licked in the process while they strip down and in between goofy moments.

A Couple of Good Licking Girls. 10:55

Full on lesbian action starts here with both girls naked and eating each others private places. The action is quite thorough and goes both ways. The girls end up crossing legs and rubbing their pussies together towards the end.

Dicksy Chicks. ITC Favorite 16:54

The girls take turns fucking each other with a strap on dildo. Lily is on the receiving end first and her pussy creams up beautifully when she gets fucked. Cherie really knows how to move her ass whether she is on the giving or receiving end. The action here is non stop and first rate.

Baaad Girls. 3:40

With the scene now over we shoot a little extra bit of silliness as the girls try to sneak up on a couple of sheep on the lawn. Besides the personality and outtake nature of this clip there is also some crawling action that may be of interest to some people.