1413 Gia Vendetti

1414 Cleo Vixen

1415 Darcie Lee

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The audio on this set is dominated by the white noise of the nearby beach although any sounds she makes do come through in spite of the noise.

Scene 1

Put Denim Down. 9:38

This is a great video for jean shorts with silky smooth ass cheeks hanging out. Cleo might have the smoothest ass we have shot to date with completely flawless skin. There are moments where the shorts don’t hide very much and a little bit of bottomless nudity at the end.

Cleo up the Miss Under Standing. 6:37

There’s some fantastic underneath views in this all nude posing clip with Cleo standing, kneeling and bending over in top of your face. One of the most flawless asses is parked right on your face in several positions for a detailed inspection.

Nude Cleo Meltdown. 7:22

Cleo uses a big black dildo and produces a decent stream of creamy pussy goo running down in her ass crack. The action itself is maybe not the primary attraction here but her fabulous ass hanging off the edge of the chair is quite spectacular.

Opening Seen. 4:30

With this speculum scene we see that Cleo’s inside is virtually as flawless as her outside. Some of the midrange shots are not so well lit inside but there is a close up that reveals everything.

3D. 3D info 13:27

This 3D version video has all content similar to the first 2 clips above.