1404 Cara Mell

1405 Kristen Scott

1406 Lara West

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

She Scott the Look. 8:54

The primary focus is on Kristen’s rather ideal tight and tidy figure while she poses in her purple bra and panty set. From the midway point we get some very enticing butt shots as she lies on her front while thrusting her panty ass in your face. The first bare ass crack view is quite eye popping as she pulls down her panties just under her ass and spreads the goods.

Lemme Ass you a Kristen. 11:39

Kristen poses nude standing and down on the floor before getting onto the bed and doing many of the same type of poses she did earlier in the lingerie. Her butt shots are pretty awesome while lying on her front and side. Some of the best shots come near the end with Kristen just sitting on her feet in a pose that is not so graphic but really shows off her fabulous little figure beautifully.

Ass me what Jewel get. 7:08

Kristen uses a jewelled butt plug in her ass mostly just as decoration more so than a masturbation toy. She pulls it out and stuffs it back in a few times while showing off her ass in a really nice bend over position. Later she uses one finger to dabble around up her ass while lying on her front with the legs wide open. She really gets her ass in prime viewing position with everything well exposed.

Lets Shudder Down. 10:51

Kristen uses the big powerful vibrator to get herself of in a big shuddering climax. She is surely one of the most frantic masturbators we have with uncontrolled shaking as she trembles like a woman possessed at the moment of orgasm.

3D. 3D info 15:50

This 3D version video has content similar to the first two clips above.