1400 Moka Mora

1401 Candice Dare

1402 Shrima Malati

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Wide Spread Terrace Activity. 14:47

Candice’s shorts aren’t as ultra short and revealing as most and yet her ass is big enough that she still spills out the bottom of the shorts somewhat. She gets bottomless relatively early on and then it’s mostly all bare pussy and ass views from there on. She spends a good amount of time sitting backwards on the chair and spreading her ass right on top of your face.

Wide Spread Terrace Activity -3D. 3D info 14:32

This is identical to the above clip but in 3D format.

Scene 2

Dare you go. 5:56

The scene moves downstairs to the exercise room where Candice shows off her big booty in motion on the treadmill. We spend large portions of this clip zoomed in on her ass soaking in all the jiggly action.

Cum to the Tropics. 10:22

Candice moves to the chair across the room and gets busy with a white vibrating dildo. With the room being wide open to the elements there is a quite nice background ambience of tropical rain throughout the whole scene. Her position with her ass hanging off the edge of the chair and the legs spread wide nicely shows off the thick curves of her voluptuous underside. With the vibrating rabbit ears wrapped around her clitoris and a little bit of pussy juice running down over her taint she eventually brings the scene to a climax with an orgasm.