1391 Brittany Shae

1392 Lily Adams

1393 Sami Parker

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Join the Fray. 12:28

Lily’s frayed jean shorts provide most of the entertainment in the first half of this strip tease clip with her butt cheeks hanging partially out the bottom of her shorts. Of course we get a number of very nice under the bum views with the material covering only the bare essentials. Then wearing only a small thong panty things get progressively more revealing until her panties are either pulled aside or wedged up her pussy.

Lily's Pad. 3:41

This all nude posing video features a very revealing “captain Morgan” style pose with the camera in prime viewing position under her butt looking at some beautiful ass spreads. In the second half she lies on her back with her legs up and open to spread her pussy for inspection.

Girl Cheese Sandwich. 8:47

Lily uses a glass dildo to fuck herself and gets quite messy with thick pussy juice. By the half way point the dildo is smeared in extra thick creamy pussy goop. It comes out looking a bit unnatural but perhaps still fascinating for some people. The climax of this scene is a bit interrupted and cut off due to unforeseen circumstances.

3D. 3D info 10:31

This 3D clip is similar in content to the first 2 clips above.