1389 Lexa

1390 Mia Evans

1391 Brittany Shae

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Say Yellow to my Little Friend. 10:30

Mia really stands out in her bright coloured dress and is quite charming with her sweet smile at the beginning. There’s a really nice butt tease with Mia lying on her front and her ass half hanging out of her dress with the bright blue panties showing. The dress gets pulled progressively farther up and it becomes exclusively a panty and ass tease for a while.

Evans to Bits See. 12:23

Now all nude Mia puts her bare ass and pussy on display with multiple lying, squatting and standing poses. She is particularly pale skinned with a bit of unfortunate redness in her crack but has otherwise very nice assets. She has some very nice tight and shapely boobs that are well displayed in the standing poses.

Pale Pal. 8:40

Mia uses a very large vibrator to masturbate with. For a while she wedges it between the cushions of the couch and tries humping it while squatting with her butt to you. The scene culminates with Mia squatting front side and leaning back against the couch while working up to a climax. This clip is a little lacking in passion though you might find some redeeming qualities in it.

3D. 3D info 13:05

This 3D video has content similar to the first two clips above.