1386 Jasmine Jazz

1387 Jenna Sativa & Misty Lovelace

1388 Salena Storm

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

I Like Two Walk. 13:30

These two flirts really work the wiggle and charm in this walking duet scene. They parade back and forth sometimes one at a time and sometimes both at the same time. It’s particularly posey with almost over the top flirtiness though in a good way. You certainly cannot accuse them of not being into it.

Pop a Squealie. 25:14

Now in the bedroom Jenna and Misty get into stripping each other and the lesbian action soon follows. For this clip the action is pretty much all in one direction with Misty being on the receiving end. After some butt worship and ass wiggling Jenna gets down to munching on Misty’s pussy for the rest of the clip. Misty’s squeaky giggles are persistent when she gets her pussy and ass played with and eaten out. It last quite a long time with Jenna working hard to get her off. In the last third Misty flips over and gets her ass hole tongued quite deep.

Stuff Love. 6:42

The action is reversed now with Jenna being on the receiving end. It starts with pussy munching but soon gravitates to finger banging with Misty stuffing her fingers up Jenna’s pussy. Even her panties briefly get stuffed up her pussy.

Bi Petal Creatures. 5:08

The flowers that fell out of the girls hair gets stuck on Misty’s butt hole and remains there like a decorative prop. There’s a bit of mild lesbian action but it is mostly just the two girls kissing and basking in the afterglow of their sexy time together. They do a nice bend over butt jiggle side by side to end the scene.

Two Done One to Go. 3:19

This is what the camera caught after the scene was done. There’s a bit of BTS banter and then we follow Misty ogling her ass as she walks back to the make up room.