127 Jamie Lynn

128 Adrianna Russo

129 Renee Perez

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Perhaps even more of these clips could have been considered inthecrack favorites but we're being somewhat selective with these. Adrianna's moaning may not always be the most convincing but she has an amazing ass and the content of this video is really quite spectacular throughout. This is clearly one of the best videos on the site to date.\r\n

Scene 1

In 'er Net Upload. 9:38

There's virtually no tease at the beginning of this video because she's wearing a completely see through fishnet body suite with a big gaping hole around the pussy and ass crack. You can see everything right from the get go. After a brief bit of bend over posing she stands up and parks her butt right on your face and we spend the rest of this clip just admiring her fabulous ass crack. She really has a gorgeous shapely ass crack surrounded by pleasantly plump voluptuous ass cheeks. The action consists mostly of lots of ass spreading and wiggling manipulating her ass cheeks with her hands. For a while she scrapes her fingernails over the fishnet on her ass making some nice sounds while her butt gets spread open.

Nice Web Sight. 8:06

This clip consists of several nice poses showing off her nice body although the majority of it is all ass up bend over posing on the couch with lots of ass spreading. Adrianna gets some really nice hands free butt wobbling going with all her junk swaying around in the air without getting overly energetic. The fishnet pattern really enhances her lovely curves making her seem even more curvy.

Fuck Dial-up. 4:03

With her ass in the air Adrianna has a nice little poke around up her bum with one finger. We get some great ass crack views with her beautiful anus taking center stage. The last part is all extreme close up anus flexing. This is the best time to admire the pretty anal creases radiating out from the center of her anus as they repeatedly squeeze in and out right in your face.

Bead Dere Bum Dat. 9:18

The anal action continues now as Adrianna moves on to a really long string of beads for an anal toy. She manages to get about 40 beads up her ass. It takes a while to stuff them all in but the wait is really worth it to see the fantastic view as all the beads get pulled out of her ass. You get to see all of the beads coming out of her anus at a relatively close view, not super close but close enough to see all the details and occasionally see her face at the same time. There's some beautiful anal muscle flexing in the last part of this clip.

'Drain a Russo. 0:45

Adrianna takes a little piss break between anal scenes. She pees on the floor squatting in front of the couch. The actual peeing is very brief. Supposedly that's all she had but it's pretty.

Diamonds in Buff. ITC Favorite 9:02

Posing with her ass in the air Adrianna uses an unusual diamond shaped dildo in her ass. The views are spectacular as she lodges the dildo up her ass and just poses spreading her ass with the dildo sticking out hands free. Once again she flexes her anal muscles making the toy move around on it's own. Her anus opens up a little as she slowly works the toy up her ass bending it around and squirming it in and out as she goes. Eventually she starts pumping the toy in and out of her ass enthusiastically working up some excitement. At the end she stands up and puts her ass right over your face with the toy still lodged up her ass.

Saunter Net. 2:15

While still wearing her fishnet body suite Adrianna takes a casual stroll beside the pool. You see her walking towards you and away from you while playfully sucking on her dildo. She pauses to stick the dildo up her ass before walking away with the dildo up her ass to end the scene.

Scene 2

Black & White and Rump all over. ITC Favorite 8:43

Adrianna does a strip tease wearing a beautiful little outfit that she calls a "dress" but it's so short you can see her crotch from the front and at the back her ass hangs right out the bottom. Beyond the initial introduction to this clip we get down under her ass to view the rest of her strip tease from a low angle with maximum pussy and ass exposure. Her panty thong tease is delicious and her ass can only be described as spectacular. The second half of this clip is all completely naked pussy and ass views looking straight up all of her private places from directly underneath.

Grip Therapy. ITC Favorite 9:50

Now completely naked on the couch Adrianna starts with some slow finger masturbation before graduating to a big blue dildo. You could really like this if you like deep vaginal penetration because she gets the big dildo right up into her pussy almost burying it sometimes within an inch of the end of the dildo. There's some nice creamy girl goo that gathers around the entrance of her vagina and stays there for much of the video. The main attraction however with this clip is what she does with the dildo when it's deep in her pussy. She frequently goes hands free and just flexes her pussy muscles making the dildo move on it's own. As she pumps her muscles the dildo gradually works it's way out of her pussy and then she pushes it back in and does it again over and over.

Vagina Sascratchewan. 3:56

This is all spread pussy views as Adrianna pries her vagina open with 2 fingers. Her big long fancy fingernails don't look so comfortable rummaging around inside her vagina but it does make for a nice view. We get right in close to ogle all the squirmy vagina action and we also see her vagina walls surging in and out as she flexes her muscles.

Clearly Humping it. ITC Favorite 9:54

Adrianna mounts a clear rubber suction dildo stuck to the arm of the couch and rides it over your face. You get a really awesome perspective with outstanding pussy and ass views right up close and her face and dangling boobs in the background. For much of this you are looking straight up the shaft of the dildo as her pussy squirms up and down the shaft with her gorgeous ass coming right down into your face.

Tip for Cervix. ITC Favorite 6:20

Adrianna finishes her video with the most graphic of pussy views as she splits her vagina wide open with a speculum. The inside views are really top quality with extensive super close up well lit views of her cervix and her entire vagina. You couldn't ask for a more explicit in depth look at a girl's most intimate private places than this. Her cervix is nice and tidy glistening pink and filling your entire screen for long periods of time. In addition to having a great view Adrianna flexes her pussy muscle almost non stop from beginning to end so there's lots of stimulating action even though she's not doing much else. Besides the extreme close up inside view we also get a really good full body view where you can see her flexing pussy, lit cervix and her face all in one shot.