1363 Gia Paige

1364 Maya Bijou

1365 Tiffany Tatum

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Maya Dreaming? 12:47

The first part of this video is all about Maya’s white jean shorts with her ass cheeks partly hanging out. Her skin is not entirely flawless at the beginning with an imprint from sitting on something and other minor imperfections but she is really quite charming otherwise. It becomes a bit like a walking scene for a short while as she parades around in her shorts before stripping down. After she gets bottomless there’s an awesome underside shot as she sits on the arm of the chair with her butt hanging out in space.

You must Bijou-ish. 8:41

Maya parades around in the large hallway space again now wearing only her crop top with her bottom half wiggling around completely nude. She soon takes her top off leaving the majority of this clip for full nude posing. She ends up on the chair doing lots of spreading.

The Buzzin' Teen Empire. 13:15

Maya’s vibrating dildo seems to work quite well for her with some obvious reactions happening. Every once in a while you see her butt hole clench when she jams the vibrating head against her clitoris. She gets quite sweaty at the end after working hard to bring on an orgasm.