1360 Makenna Blue

1361 Lexa

1362 Cayla Lyons

Shoot Location: Barcelona, Spain

Back by popular demand Lexa is now several years more seasoned and still looking great. We elected to forego the masturbation here since that is really not her “thing” or her forte but instead focus on her teasing and that amazing ass.

Scene 1

Jean Therapy. 15:23

Lexa’s jean dress fits her amazing curves like a glove with matching denim bra and panty underneath. Her posing and motion are certainly elegant and polished like that of the experienced model that she is. There’s some well exposed ass crack views in the last few minutes as the panties come down and everything is laid bare and spread open in your face.

Cracker Barrel Tease. 13:03

This is all nude posing including a number of poses that really bring out the big bottom end curves. The small chair was a little awkward for some poses but ideal for the sitting backward positions. With her ass hanging out off the back of the chair we get some fabulous booty shots from both over and under. She also uses two chairs to straddle on her knees with her bare underside squatting right on your face.

3D. 3D info 12:43

This is an abbreviated version of all of the above content in 3D format.