1345 Elizabeth Jolie

1346 Candice Dare

1347 Amara Romani

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Dare's a Girl in a Bikini. 19:19

Candice’s bright multi coloured bikini shows really nicely on her big beautiful ass. Perhaps a quarter of this tease video is in the bikini but then she is completely naked for the rest of it. It’s a nice video for those who like viewing up thick bottom sides. Her pose lying on her side is quite mesmerizing with big thick booty curves totally filling your screen. There’s a decent sized segment with Candice squatting right on your face near the end. The scene starts out in bright sunshine but it starts raining by the end of it.

Water Nice Butt. 5:57

Now in the pool Candice shows off her big butt floating in the water. For almost all of this she poses butt up with her booty bobbing up and down right in the waterline. There is certainly some outstanding up the butt views sprinkled throughout this clip but especially in the last couple of minutes.

Candice go in Dare? 9:58

Candice’s knobby amber glass dildo looks like it should hurt but she pumps it in her pussy with no problems at all. Lying back with her knees together pulled all the way back to her chest her big ass bulges prominently in the foreground of this scene often filling up almost all of your screen. She finishes the job with her legs wide open gradually picking up the pace to a climax.

Dare's a Girl in a Bikini - 3D. 3D info 9:50

This 3D video has content mostly like the similarly named clip above but a little more concise.

Water Nice Butt - 3D. 3D info 5:56

This 3D format video is completely identical to the similarly named clip above since we shot both cameras side by side and simultaneously.