124 Lena Nicole

125 August & Rachel Starr

126 Peaches

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Warning: There is no sound in this video. Basically we fucked up and had a microphone problem in this shoot so there is no audio. Admittedly we picked the worst possible time to screw up the audio. When faced with the choice of scrapping it or releasing it as is we decided it would be a terrible waist to not release this video because it is otherwise a truly excellent video.

Scene 1

Dressing Down. (No Audio) 4:13

August and Rachel have a fun time getting undressed and playing with each other. August lifts Rachel's dress to reveal her scrunchy bum panties and licks her voluptuous ass cheeks. In the last part they rub and jiggle their breasts together and there's a great close up view of the nipples flicking against each other.

Clit-a-lick Convertible. (No Audio) 11:53

August receives a little clit licking treatment in a couple of different positions. First Rachel licks August from underneath while she stands and you get a great low angle view from behind. There's a little bit of ass licking in with this as well. Later August sits on the couch and receives some more clitoris attention. There's a nice close up view with Rachel's tongue lightly flick and dabbling around on August's clitoris. Near the end Rachel uses two fingers to squish and massage August's clit between her fingers.

Crack Service. (No Audio) 7:57

August bends over with her ass in the air for some full service ass licking treatment. The action starts out somewhat gingerly but gains momentum. There's a very nice close up view with Rachel's tongue flicking right on August's anus. In between all the ass licking there's a little bit of booty bouncing and Rachel also has a few big lollipop licks through the whole length of August's crack from clit to ass hole.

Kissing under the Moon. (No Audio) 6:23

With Rachel standing now August gets down under her pussy to eat her out. Rachel spreads her ass almost the whole time so you see the whole package from ass crack to clit. While August takes care of business on the pussy end you get a great up the ass view from low down and behind.

Suck it up. (No Audio) 6:32

Now Rachel is naked on the couch with her legs spread wide open as August continues to lick and suck on Rachel's clitoris. August's technique really sucks (literally) as she vacuums Rachel's clit right up inside her mouth and sucks hard on her knob. It appears that Rachel might have had a really orgasm from this as she begins to quiver a little bit.

Getting the Shaft. (No Audio) 7:38

Rachel and August now use the longest double headed dildo you've ever seen. Well actually it's a meter long ornamental rod that just happens to fit perfectly onto 2 pussies. Realistically the girls are not really going to get off on this because it's just too awkward but it certainly makes for some very unique and interesting views. We get perhaps as many as 20 different angles on this action with several different positions.

Bumper Butts. (No Audio) 2:47

There's some very unique ass cheek action in this clip for ass lovers. The two girls stand back to back and bounce and flap their butts against each other. Most of this is shot from directly underneath so you simultaneously look straight up their pussies and see 4 butt cheeks all flapping together playfully. You'll wish your face was trapped in between their asses.

Scene 2

Comparing Assets. (No Audio) 5:14

With the two girls both wearing panties they lie side by side on the bed comparing asses. They take turn admiring and playing with each others asses. There's a fair amount of ass bouncing and some slapping along with lots of good natured playfulness.

Slippery Slopes. (No Audio) 9:22

August spreads out on the towels face down and receives a thorough oily butt massage from Rachel. August wiggles her butt quite a bit and then later we get in close to watch her voluptuous pillowy mounds bulging under Rachel's hands. Near the end things become more playful as Rachel begins playing bongos on August's ass.

Rubber Stub Stub. (No Audio) ITC Favorite 2:38

Now turned over onto her back August gets a brief but fantastic oily pussy rub. Her pussy looks amazing here with her clit standing at attention and her featuresome lips all glistening with oil. It's quite evident that she clearly loved every minute of this.

Buffer Zone. (No Audio) 12:09

The girls switch positions and now Rachel lies on her front to get the oily butt massage. At first there's a bit of butt bouncing but then things slow down and we get a great close up view of the oil running down her butt crack over her anus and pussy slit. Her entire undercarriage looks super flawless and tidy in this position and it all glistens with oil. In the later half Rachel raises one leg giving August better access to her pussy and the action now becomes a vigorous pussy rub. As you will see in this position Rachel's shape all around her ass crack and crotch is really spectacular.

Scene 3

Doubly Bubbly. (No Audio) 8:10

Rachel and August take a sudsy bubble bath together. It's relatively softcore as the focus shifts from the girls' boobs to August's butt, then Rachel's boob against August's butt and finally just Rachel's boobs. The girls take turns pouring liquid soap all over each other's girlie assets and then rinsing off. At one point Rachel gets her nipple wedged all the way up August's butt crack.

Mountain Stream. (No Audio) ITC Favorite 8:23

Rachel gets on her hands and knees in the tub with her ass sticking up out of the water and August gives her ass a good wash down with dribbles of liquid soap and streams of water. Words can barely describe how mind numbingly gorgeous Rachel's ass is in this position with her outrageous curves flowing in all directions and her private parts right out in the open for maximum viewing pleasure. It's not so much for action but you'll have a hard time finding a prettier view anywhere else on the site.

Glisten up. (No Audio) 4:43

Continuing in the same theme the girls now switch positions with August's ass sticking up out of the water and she gets the full bum wash treatment from Rachel. At first Rachel packs lots of suds all over August's ass and then rinses it all off. She pours huge gobs of liquid soap all down her ass crack and we watch it meander down over her pussy. August's glistening butt cheeks look so soft and smooth you could almost feel them through your screen.

Rise and Shine. (No Audio) 4:50

Now the girl both pose ass up side by side with their asses both bobbing up and down in and out of the water. We see the two girls asses bobbing up and down in unison and then in opposite rhythm. Then we focus on each girl's ass one at a time. At the end the two girls dry each other's butt with a towel.