1332 Lena Paul

1333 Uma Jolie

1334 Brittany Shae

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Uma Palooza. ITC Favorite 12:24

Uma’s figure is something of a phenomenon as if sculpted from granite by an artist with visions of the perfect female form. We take some time to observe the tight proportions of her full figure through much of this video and move in for a closer look from time to time. You may also be captivated by her magical eyes and glossy lips in the font side views. The low angle front side view displays her immaculate form beautifully with tight curves emanating across your screen. The first moment pulling down her panties is quite beautiful giving an excellent up the ass view.

I'm Over you. 11:55

With her lingerie now off more time is spent inspecting her pussy and ass interspersed with a few excellent full body shots. We get a lot of excellent underneath shots as she squats between the couch and the ottoman. The low angle front side view shows the remarkable form of her stomach and boobs. She then turns around to squat over your face in the rear view giving the naughty view straight up her ass. The clip ends with some excellent stand up ass spreads giving the ideal view right up her butt.

The Uma Bummer. 10:46

Uma uses a long lumpy butt toy to poke around up her ass. Clearly the best shots are all with Uma lying on her side and thrusting her ass out in the open for some amazing exposed ass views. She also squats once again between the couch and the ottoman giving the view straight up her butt from below and she continues to dabble the toy up her ass.

Having a Jolie Good Time. 8:34

Uma uses a big vibrator to rattle her pussy to a climax. With her knees pulled well back her near flawless undercarriage is beautifully displayed and dominating your screen. The action is not necessarily the most compelling part of this video but her incredibly beautiful pussy and ass are the main attraction.