1330 Gina Valentina

1331 Gina Valentina & Cleo Vixen

1332 Lena Paul

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is a continuation of the previous scene from collection #1330 but now with Cleo joining Gina in the pool.

Scene 1

The Young and Ledgible. 16:28

Both girls start out in their bikinis posing on the shallow shelf in the pool. They start playing with each other’s butts and get increasingly frisky as it progresses. After they are both naked there’s a bit of side by side posing with two butts floating in the water and jacking up and down in your face. The last part of this clip is all about water pouring over beautiful butts as they use a big jug to splash cascading streams over the girlie bits.

Mexico will Play for the Wall. 7:58

Gina and Cleo go to the far end of the pool to pose on the wall at the infinity edge. There’s a bit of side by side posing squatting on the wall at first. A bit of lesbian action starts to happen in an odd but interesting position. Gina actually rubs out a quick squirting orgasm between moments of pussy licking. They switch positions but the clip ends a bit abruptly after we decided the angles are all wrong for the light.

Behaviour Shelf. 8:57

Now back on the shallow shelf the lesbian action starts in earnest. Cleo is on the receiving end first getting her pussy licked and then her ass. Perhaps the highlight of the entire scene is the fantastic up the ass view as Cleo lies on her front getting her ass eaten out. With her perfectly smooth and flawless skin her ass crack is a beautiful sight to see especially with Gina’s tongue sliding up and down her ass crack and teasing her ass hole. The last couple of minutes has the positions reversed with Gina bending over and getting her pussy and ass licked.

Meet Squirtin’s. ITC Favorite 8:53

Cleo takes a bit more of an observer roll now as Gina shows off her fabulous talents at squirting. She gets a bit of intermittent pussy licking from Cleo but mostly just uses her hand to rub her pussy producing some excellent squirting orgasms. With her fingers splattering her squirt everywhere she almost gets Cleo right in the face on a few occasions. There’s possibly 10 or more squirting orgasms in this scene.

3D. 3D info 7:00

The 3D version of this video includes all of the side by side posing on the shelf and water pouring with the jug. The splashes of water seem to come right into your living room when they get more aggressive pouring the water