1326 Zaya Cassidy

1327 Jenna Sativa

1328 Elena Koshka

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Water You Lookin' at? 20:40

This scene certainly has the tropical feel with endless water and blue skies. You can tell it’s quite hot and humid as she works up a little bit of sweat at times. Jenna’s posing style is really quite appealing with great posture enhancing her curves nicely. There’s a little bit of bikini posing to start this video followed by a lot of nude posing. Our position on the waterfront was quite exposed to any passing boats and predictably she attracts a curious gaggle of jet-skis to watch her for a short while as she dances around nude.

You Fuckin' Show Boat. 7:14

Jenna uses a soft rubber sheathed dildo to fuck herself in a couple of different positions. The best of this is in the crab walk pose with her ass dangling in mid air. The jet-skis return once again although Jenna is at first oblivious to them as she is too busy fucking. After she is done with the dildo she seems to somewhat enjoy the attention of her impromptu audience.

What an Ice Day. 9:55

Jenna rubs a number of large cylindrical ice cubes all over her body with special attention to her pussy and ass. Some of the ice cubes find their way right up her vagina and start melting out. With one particularly large clump of ice the melting action goes into overdrive with streams of water literally pouring off her ass. She also rubs her pussy intermittently and then eventually has a proper, though brief, finger masturbation session.