1324 Scarlet Red

1325 Cherie DeVille & Jasmine Summers

1326 Zaya Cassidy

Shoot Location: Kaiteriteri, New Zealand

Scene 1

Dykes on Deck. 12:59

The background scenery is instantly eye catching at the beginning of this video and then the girls take over your attention as they dyke it out. The clarity and lighting on the girls is quite stunning when you get up close to them. Initially there’s a lot of giggling and horsing around while they get fresh with each other and start stripping down. Both ass cracks get a good tongue lashing as soon and the bikini bottoms come off.

Gaze 'n Lasbians. 7:11

There’s a fair amount of two way action in this segment starting with an enthusiastic 69 position. For a while Cherie starts humping Jasmine’s leg like an animal in heat. They end up rubbing pussies together in the scissors position.

Cumming Out. 14:46

All but the last few minutes of this is non stop pussy licking going one way and then the other. There’s no lack of enthusiasm and if anything it may even be a bit over the top at times. If not for the stunning background you might say this video is in typical porno style. There’s a little bit of side by side posing at the end with a little booty bounce on both asses.