1316 Esmi Lee

1317 Kami Kari

1318 Lily Adams

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Kami get Naked? 17:53

Kami’s bikini strip tease is pretty calm and slow paced. We give quite a bit of attention to her big booty cheeks both before and after the bikini comes off. She gets fully naked about one third into this clip leaving the majority of time to gaze upon her bare pussy and ass. There’s some pretty awesome up the bum shots as she lies on her front on the chair.

Stuff to Kari. 8:00

Kami uses a purple butt plug to stuff her ass hole with. On the one hand it blocks the view of her ass hole most of the time but on the other hand it’s a pretty sexy place to cary around a decorative piece. The standing shots are pretty sexy as her ass looks quite awesome with a rubber wedge lodged deep in her ass crack. The last couple of minutes are all awesome close up ass crack views without the toy while she mostly just pokes a finger up her butt and winks her anus on your face.

Keep Cum and Kari on. 9:00

Kami’s vibrator masturbation action is pretty calm for quite a while and then suddenly she orgasms with very obvious contractions happening in her anus area. She mostly just keeps the vibrating head of the toy pressed lightly against her clitoris and occasionally dips it inside her pussy. For a while you might wonder if it is doing much for her and then the orgasm comes with pronounced and prolonged effectiveness.