1314 Sophia Leone

1315 Candice Dare

1316 Esmi Lee

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Lookit Dat right Dare. 12:33

Big booty babe Candice gets down on a long curved bench showing off her thick curves in a one piece lingerie set. Her big butt curves become really obvious when she poses on her side with bulging cheeks thrust into your face and only the small thong bottom hiding the naughty bits. She then unsnaps the crotch and suddenly everything is out in the open for inspection. The latter two thirds of this video is all nude posing. Her poses lying on her side are the most prominent as this seems to enhance her booty curves very nicely.

Yo Ass gonna getta Beading. ITC Favorite 10:19

Now on the bed Candice uses a long string of teal coloured pearls for an anal sex toy. She stuffs a whole bunch of them up her ass and then poses in doggy and standing with the beads just hanging out of her ass. The standing shot is especially sexy with a beautiful low angle view looking up her ass with the beads hanging out like a dangling tail. Finally an off camera assistant slowly pulls all the beads out of her ass while she poses bending over. The last shot looking straight up her ass after the beads are gone is one of the best views in the whole video.

You Fucking Blue it. 10:53

Candice fucks herself using a very large blue rubber dildo. It’s a pretty nice looking toy doing some very nice penetration action in several positions. She starts to cream up a little bit when she picks up the pace and fucks herself with vigour.

3D. 3D info 11:48

This 3D format video has all similar content to the first clip above.